Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Some Random Thoughts

The government and the feminist mindset that makes these rules will never consider giving men a way out. Who will fund all these silly policies - sexual harassment, the divorce industry, National Organization of Women if not men with their tax dollars and productivity?

Many people today have seen how the MSM (Mainstream Media) is not friendly towards men but don't know what to think. Boys have been trained to believe that women are nothing less than downtrodden and oppressed, and the message they receive overwhelmingly from real life is that they are anything but. This leads to a lot of confusion - how do you think something when you've been taught to think the exact opposite your whole life? Not all of us are Galileos, with the same confidence that the earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around. Many of us grow up thinking women in the workplace are great, since most high school and college jobs have women who are generally more easy-going and attractive. They are definitely catching up in complaints and lawsuits though. Hiring a woman is terribly risky because unlike a male, you run the risk of having her get pregnant, leave because she put the noose around some guy's neck, sue for harassment or inequality when she gets tired of working - while with men you basically have to worry about us leaving for career advancement and salary growth.

Someone said to me that being a provider is a personal choice, that men die early because of our own stupid choices, like cigarette smoking and driving fast. Yea, us stupid men can't stop providing, can't stop being at a much higher risk of physical violence (including rape and murder), can't stop working the most dangerous jobs.

All those men who died in Iraq and basically all the wars until now are just immature idiots who can't get their shit together, right? Men constitute around 95% of the deaths in Iraq, but you won't find anyone mentioning that.

A 65 year old man is 3 times more likely to suffer a physical attack than a 65 year old woman. Can't stop smoking and driving fast huh.

When the suffragette movement was active, there's something the feminists don't want you to know - that most men couldn't vote either. The only people who could vote were men and women of high status, and/or landowners. Which means most men had no say - they were drafted for wars to be killed to protect the women and high status men at home.

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  1. Well, putting it simply, I believe it is up to men to reclaim their own world, and from there launch out to reclaim the rest of the world -- step by step, and day by day.

    Men should band together for camaraderie and survival, and to build up an alternate socio-economic power base. Infiltration and subversion of present anti-male political structures would become increasingly feasible as time went on and networks became solidified.

    Women who wish to be taken aboard the "ark" and to share in the benefits, would need to learn how to play by the rules.....