Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Heather Mills branded a "f**king liar" at awards ceremony

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Good on Jonathan Ross! He publicly branded Her Highness The Lying Cunt Heather Mills a fucking liar in the Q Awards Ceremony, whatever that is. The important thing is to note that he was greeted with applause by the star-studded audience, many of whom are probably quaking at the thought of losing millions of their own hard-earned money in the blink of an eye.

British TV star Jonathan Ross has attacked Heather Mills - branding her a "f***ing liar".

The chat show host launched his foul-mouthed tirade against the former model - the estranged wife of ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney - while presenting the Q Awards at London's Grosvenor House hotel on Monday ( 30.10.06).

During his opening line at the prestigious music awards ceremony, he said: "Heather Mills McCartney - what a f***ing liar.

Another gem by the same man: "I wouldn't be surprised if we found out she's actually got two legs."

Ross' vicious quip was met with a cacophony of cheers and laughter from the star-studded audience which included U2, Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, Boy George, Arctic Monkeys, Paul Weller, Moby - who was in a state of shock over the English propensity for drink, and the living soul legend Smokey Robinson. (No women in that lot, eh?)

Ross was referring to allegations made by Heather, earlier this month, that Paul had been "physically violent" towards her during their marriage.

Among the most serious allegations made in court papers lodged by her lawyer included accusations that Paul pushed her into a bath while she was pregnant, pushed her over a coffee table and poured wine over her head before allegedly stabbing her in the arm with a broken glass.

With that last paragraph there, you can see how she's playing on the emotions of the public. The public, which believes that any man has the capacity to become ultra-violent in the blink of an eye, playing the sweet old man in public but turning into a monster at home. And of course the poor old woman is the victim, she suffers through all this for her undying love and of course the fat payout at the end.

I think a lot of us recognize a little bit of the women we have met in the belief that a person can be so two-faced - sweet and cheerful when with friends, and nasty and horrid to her own family. I've known many women like this - my dear sister for one. She was a bit older than I was, so we didn't hang out much together, but when we were out with her friends, she was a totally different person. At home she was very violent, being bigger than me until my puberty, and she kept me under her thumb with the generous help of my dear mother, who ardently believed in the adage, "Spare the rod, spoil the child." Since then I've grown up and have met many more women, and most of them display the pattern of behaving vastly different at home and outside. Maybe its something to do with the female gender being more prone to multiple personality disorder?

First the naming and shaming of Shannon Taylor by Lord Campbell-Savours in parliament, and now calling Heather Mills a fucking liar at an awards ceremony. Its great to see the public finally accepting the view that women can be liars. Maybe we can make some headway against anti-male laws.


  1. There is a certain law, which I have never precisely formulated, which says in effect that "nothing big happens until something big happens".

    The world of the rich, famous and powerful is the world of the "big". When things happen in that world, it sends ripples or even shock waves into the daily lives of ordinary folk. It trickles down, as the saying goes. It cascades.

    But it has always irritated me that ordinary folk are not able to initiate such historical motions on THEIR OWN INITIATIVE. What the hell is wrong with them, anyway? This could be the subject of a book...

    Time and again I have observed that ordinary people in the everyday world are unable to converse outside a certain range. Experimentation has shown me that this is NOT because they lack the intellectual capacity to do so. If they are sufficiently goaded they will demonstrate that they do indeed have such capacity. But it seems that their deadening conformity is a kind of obediance. They seem to be waiting for PERMISSION to venture upon certain pathways of talk. They seem to be waiting for a SIGNAL of some kind from the realm of the "big". Some celebrity makes a statement, some writer writes a book, and suddenly it's "okay" to talk about certain things....but not until then!

    Well anyway, if Paul McCartney's dirty private laundry, so shamefully displayed to the gaze of the world, will help to raise awareness of certain things, then I reckon that's good......

  2. I bet PMc was only with cos she gave good head and f*ckedlike a crazed maniac