Wednesday, October 18, 2006

McCartney's Divorce and Domestic Violence

So it turns out that Heather Mills is pulling out the guns in her divorce with Paul McCartney. She is accusing him of domestic violence.

I was talking with my girlfriend about the Paul McCartney divorce when the case first came to my attention, and I told her that cases like this are why I don't want to marry. It is clear that divorce is just a way to redistribute the man's earnings and it is apparently very hard for women to understand that this could make a man wary of tying the noose knot.

Her response was that the lives of celebrities do not apply to the rest of us - that just because Paul McCartney stands to lose millions of dollars from this divorce, doesn't really affect how marriage and divorce are in the "real world."

If there is one thing that is applicable to the rest of us from the entire selection of tabloids dedicated to the stars' latest hijinks, its their dealings with family law - child support, divorce and all the aces that the family court gives to women. The Domestic Violence (DV) card is one such ace. With one phone call, the entire machinery will be set into action. First, the police will come and arrest the primary aggressor (the male). Now, you might say that the aggressor in this could be the female! And you are right. According to the studies, more than half the time, the woman is the one who crosses the line from verbal to physical battering. However, when the police decided to start arresting who they thought was the aggressor, a lot of women started being arrested. Feminists campaigned for the "victims" and thus primary aggressor laws were born to restore the power balance - all the power in the hands of the female.

According to the feminist model that the law follows, the woman is the victim regardless of who hit whom. If she hit him, she was just trying to get him to listen. The inner chivalrous male in all of us instantly takes the side of the woman, but one thing we have to realize is that not all women are reasonable, and they are definitely not reasonable all the time. She could hit him with the feminist-preferred method of attack - kicking, kneeing or otherwise attacking the groin of the man. She could use a weapon, and she often does. Sometimes its a kitchen utensil, sometimes its a baby, sometimes its whatever is close at hand. No matter what the mode of attack or the severity of attack, the man will be arrested if he is not in an ambulance because of primary aggressor laws.

The next step is the restraining order. This restraining order ensures that once you go back to your home, to your home, you will be arrested because you violated the restraining order keeping you away from the victim that you didn't know about. Remember, ignorance is not an excuse. Often, the victim will be allowed to not only stay, but she will be encourage to change the locks to ensure that you can't get in. Of course, you will have to keep paying for the mortgage or rent, since you are still fully responsible.

The next step is indoctrination for you and the "victim" - you will be forced to admit that you are the perpetrator, you are guilty because you are male, and you seek to have power over the victim. The victim will be welcomed into a comforting environment where man-hating is the order of the day, it is a feminist indoctrination camp and nothing but the official party dogma is followed. She will be told that you are guilty because you are a male, you seek to exert your power over her, and will be told to get out of the relationship.

If you have kids, here's where it gets fun. The CPS (Child Protection Services) may get involved and decide to take away your kids because they are living in fear, they are in a hostile environment, and you are the biggest risk to them since the boogeyman. Never mind that statistically the mother acting alone or with a boyfriend is the biggest is the biggest contributor to child abuse. Never mind that most child murders are committed by the mother.

So now you are out of the house, you may have lost your job because of the absence and the fact that you were probably arrested in your office, and you can't talk to, write to or otherwise contact the kids, all the while the system is poisoning the ear of your victim, sorry girlfriend/wife, and your dear girlfriend/wife is more than likely poisoning the ear of your child.



  1. What are you actually working on in order to change things? Where do you all start? Seems the pendulum swings to extreme ends, how frustrating! Are you a Christian?

    I have 4 young sons. I don't want their masculinity being straightjacketed! Until Godly order is restored, I feel it's helpless. We live in bad times....God help us all.

  2. Hi Jammy. I understand your frustration. It seems as if everyone is out to get you when you first learn about the men's movement.

    I also appreciate your caring for your sons. God knows they need it, because no one else cares.

    For a start, I would suggest picking up a few of Warren Farrell's books from your local library. Your boys need your support and encouragement, as well as their father's.

    I don't call myself a Christian, but I believe in and practice many of the same things that Christians do. The message is universal - only a Satanist would be pleased at the breakdown of the family today.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. And lets not forget the domestic violence shelter "industry" - which is oddly for women only, and how they tutor women into doing things that they might not want to do; after all, the shelters get a cut of the action too, in the form of government assistance to "protect" the women ... after all, we don't need to give fuck-all about the men, there will always be plenty of them around.