Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Child Support and the Cost of Raising Children

To a young worker trying to make his way in the world, a child support order can be a crippling blow, bringing your upward climb in the world to a screetching halt in an instant. You don't get the nagging girlfriend or the frenzied wife adding to your ulcers, but you'll have to work a lot harder to make up for the child support money that she gets tax-free. Tell me, would you rather pay $1196 a month towards a child you never wanted and a girlfriend you no longer are even friends with, or towards your student loan or house down ayment? I am vasectomized, or whatever the word is. I allowed a man with a knife near my balls; I shoot blanks; . This was done before I learned about the Men's Rights Movement and read Warren Farrell's books. From the very beginning, I wanted an adventurous lifestyle - I did not want to be held down with kids and a wife at home, waiting to be provided for. I made the decision to remain childfree and have no regrets. It is far easier to get a child if I ever feel like it than to get rid of one after the fact. According to this handy-dandy website, it would take more than $800,000 over 18 years to raise a child that was born in 2004. And that's when I entered my starting salary. Who knows what ungodly figure it may be now. I can invest in a LOT of Googles and Youtubes with that money.

I'm an advocate of cheap and simple living. Well, sometimes its not so cheap and sometimes I act sophisticated, but there's always the inner fatwalleter in me, telling me that I could have this very same steak a lot cheaper down at the local, and it would taste a lot better if my heart was not being frozen by the haughty waiter who thinks he is somehow above me even though he's serving me.

I have a girlfriend, but I am an avid traveler. I also move a lot and thus prefer to rent. No big fancy townhomes for me, I prefer short-term leases in luxury apartments.


  1. Well done mate. I have linked to you from Carnival of Reaction.

    There cannot be too many blogs!

  2. Hi Pete.

    I don't think it's cheap living. I think it's financial common sense.

    Don't forget to splash out on yourself every now and again as we're all here only the once.

    Welcome to the blogosphere btw.