Sunday, October 22, 2006

Policemen get unequal pay for equal work

Eternal Bachelor: Policewomen get bonuses for work they don't actually do.

Here's something that should make you curl up your toes at the gross unfairness and sexism brazenly displayed by the government that's at the leading edge of the feminist inequality movement.

The gist of it is that women are entitled to higher pay just because they are women. They don't come out and say it in so many words, but they plainly state that working mothers should get the extra pay that working fathers get when they work the extra hours.

I can think of three groups that this is unfair to...

Working single women, who do not have a baby (yet) to pimp out for all sorts of cash rewards.
Working mothers, who have gone through the process of raising children and accepting that there is an opportunity cost to that.
Working fathers. Ah fuck them, they're worthless anyway according to society.
Working single men, who are of course the prime cut of the labor market cow. Ah fuck them, who gives a shit. They're probably irresponsible bastards anyway, right?

In the end, it comes down to opportunity cost. You take one opportunity and lose the other. Simple as that. One bird in the hand, two in the bush.
Actually according to the feminists, they should have one bird in the one hand, and the government should tax everyone else to buy them a cage and capture those two birds in the bush. Me Me MEEEE!!

Let me tell you a story about a man named Abdirahman Hudow. Abdirahman was a nice man from Somalia who came to the US after his family was uprooted by rebel forces in the heart of Somalia. He came with a wife, two kids and upon coming to the US, had one more kid. He came on a refugee visa, but unlike most immigrants, actually worked hard and got a job. This job was hard work. He and his wife worked hard, with his wife working 1st shift and him working 3rd shift so that there would always be someone at home for the kids. They did this until all the kids were in school and had regular hours, and they also hired a sitter from time to time.

Anyway, the years of hard work had taken a toll on Abdirahman and I guessed that he was around 40 or so. He was 31. Did the Hudows complain to the government that they needed more handouts? No, they worked hard and realized that they were fulfilling their roles in life by marrying, procreating and working.

Western women seem to think they are doing the world a favor if they pop out a screaming brat or two. They seem to think that they should get adequate compensation for doing what billions of people on the planet have been doing for aeons and will keep doing as long as there is a human race. Hell, even if the cockroaches take over, they'll be right there, procreating with the best of them. None of this entitlement bullshit. We need to stop western women from thinking they are entitled to all sorts of gifts and rewards for simply existing or fulfilling their most basic urge, we need to stop feminists from demanding more and more rights for women and women only, and we need to make politicians aware that we are sick of their sexism and double standards in the law and we're not gonna take it anymore.


  1. said...

    Women are new to this work like a man thing. They thought it was going to be a cake walk, instead, it turned into actual work. So to make the workplace more Communist freindly, women started asking, whining and wailing to get special treatment.

    Crazy times.