Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Women's Center

Two things overheard about the women's center in the last two days...

#1: "Yeah, we get a load of lost and found stuff in here. Even some expensive things like cellphones, iPods and other stuff. Most of the time, its picked up within the first two days, and if it isn't, we hold on to it for some time then donate it to the women's shelter."

#2: "Oh, we have to pull this (limo) driver off the assignment because its for the women's shelter, and they're hiring the limo to take their patients to the hospital and they sometimes have breast cancer patients or other female illnesses, so they always want a female driver. Let me see if we can find a female driver to replace him." After much difficulty, a female driver was found, because 95% of limo and taxi drivers are male.