Sunday, November 19, 2006

MRA Documents MGTOW

Have you been looking for some reading material? How about some of the Men's Movement books which have been banned? I have uploaded this ZIP file to rapidshare. It contains the following PDFs:

  • A repost of the 'Shame tactics' please

  • If Men have the Power, How Come Women Make the Rules

  • Lawrence Shannon - The Predatory Female: A Field Guide to Dating and the Marriage-Divorce Industry

  • Sex-Ploytation - How Women Abuse Men Using Their Sexuality

  • Shaming Language How to Beat It

Lots of good reading. Very insightful, and I would recommend buying some more MRA books or renting from the library and sending the authors a donation or a letter to encourage them to keep writing. Also, take a look around the rest of my site for more writings on men's rights, MGTOW and antifeminist issues.


  1. Pete old buddy,

    You rock!!

    All of these are essential for rookie (and veteran) MRAs.

    / Respect!

  2. thanks for sharing man! much respect!

  3. I am indebited by you. I can praise enough. These books are life changing, i have try to make sense of things for last 30 years. Thanks a lot.

  4. thank you, thank you, thank you:))


  5. Thanks Pete. Great stuff.

    My blog here:

  6. I'm not sure what you mean about the books being banned. Jack's great book, If Men Have The Power... is available on Amazon, as are Sex-Ploytation and The Predatory Female. Nonetheless, I'm glad you're raising awareness about them. Regards, Rod -

  7. You guys really need help, you are all whackos.