Sunday, October 28, 2007

Men are responsible for their wife's behavior

Russell Yates was dragged over the coals over Andrea's multiple murders, just as the husband of that woman who drove the family car into the lake was questioned, even though she kicked him out and drove the car into the lake with the kids screaming, strapped in their car seats.

The man is expected to be fully responsible for his wife in America. Let me remind you that this is by definition domestic violence, but I guess men are expected to walk the tightrope over the Grand Canyon every day and be happy about it. How else would you explain the number of women who wait for men to approach them and cry sexual harassment when they do?

The man is expected to be responsible for his wife's murders, his wife's abuse, his wife's spending them into credit card debt, hell, he is held responsible for "driving her" to kill him.

Is there anything that society is willing to hold women responsible for?

Now we have a mom who has already saddled the family (husband) with $135,000 in debt, goes out shopping every day, spends $400 at Starbucks in a month, and doesn't see anything with it. She goes on Oprah, goes "Hell yeah!" and basically says "Fuck you all, I'm not changing."

She holds all the cards and she knows it. A simple divorce motion, and all that debt that she was the sole contributor to, her husband will be responsible for, all those clothes she buys, those are the "manner to which she has become accustomed" and the children will naturally go with her to maximize the wealth transfer through the inevitable child support.

Consumers Gone Wild

I love new clothes. However, I like getting rid of the clothes just as quickly to go buy new ones."

This lady who appeared on Oprah lives the life of a big house in the burbs, new cars, six beautiful kids, and spending way beyond her husband's $5,000/month salary. Felice drops $400 a month on Starbucks, $240 on tans and manicures, and her children have no health insurance.

"I have six kids and I sell their toys sometimes just because I don't like them."
When money runs dry, as it often does, she takes out cash advances. She handles the family finances and hides receipts from her husband underneath a baby blanket in a drawer.
When I do shop, I do kind of get a rush. It makes me feel good... but afterwards, though, I get depressed. I'll buy something even if I really don't like it because I have to come out with something.

On page 5 you learn they're on the brink of being totally financially destroyed with $135,000 in credit card debt, $1,700 a month for three cars, two mortgages at $685,000, and are two weeks behind on their mortgage payment. Before you make Felice out to be the totally baddie, the husband is just as culpable for not asking more questions and making sure the numbers add up. He even says that he would get credit card bills and not know where $10,000 of it came from.

Lady? That fucking cow is no lady, let me tell you that. Why do idiots like this collaborationist Ben Popken insist on calling cunts and whores ladies?

Anyway, take a look at that last sentence and let it sink in. "The husband is just as culpable for .... .... .... not asking questions and making sure the numbers add up." All while the wife claims that she can’t go get a job because she has to be “home for the kids.”

This is what you're in for.

Look down. Have a penis? Congratulations, society considers you scum no matter what you do.

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